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Steps to Install SharePoint 2013 – (Preview)

July 21st, 2012 3 comments

Finally the day is here when I’m doing my first install of SharePoint 2013. I think every SharePoint person was waiting for this time eagerly. So come to point and see the steps here.

I created a VM using VMWare. I allocated 6GB memory for the SP2013. I hope it will work. Also it is mentioned to have at least 6GB memory for development machine. So hopeful!

First install the Windows Server 2008 R2. I prefer to avoid Windows Server 2012 release candidate. Then it would be too much risk to use all the pre final software. Then installed the SQL server 2012. It was very straight forward. You can also install SQL Server 2008 R2.

Now the main thing, yes SharePoint 2013. Start the installation. First screen is the same looking as SharePoint 2010. Click on the Install software prerequisites.

It will show the list of all the prerequisites. Just click the Next.

Accept the terms and click Next.

When It finish the process. It will show the Finish screen. One thing it will take some minutes to finish so be patient.

At this point it will ask you to restart the computer. After the restart it will start the process again and install few more configuration items.

When it finishes all the pre requisites installation it will show a final screen.

You need to restart your machine manually here. It will complete the pre requisites installation.

Now double click the SharePoint setup again. It will open the main screen again. Click on Install SharePoint Server. It will start the SharePoint installation.

Enter the product key provided by Microsoft.

Accept the terms and conditions on next screen.

If you are installing everything on one machine then choose Stand-alone. If you are doing a multiple server farm then you will select Complete. In Complete mode you will also need to provide the domain user account. Your local account will not be acceptable for connecting to databases.

It will start the process.

When it finishes the process it will ask to start configuration wizard. Now here it is up to you if you can’t to start configuration now or some other time. But the installation is done.

Have fun!