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Create Workflow Using SharePoint Designer 2007

June 13th, 2010 1 comment

It is part of the same series of workflows creation I started a few days ago. As promised this time here is the example to create a copy item workflow using SharePoint designer 2007 for SharePoint 2007. Obviously there is no much difference between the workflows creation process of SharePoint designer 2010 and SharePoint designer 2007.

This is an example for copy item workflow. Whenever you create or change an item in a list it will copy your item in the destination list.
Open the SharePoint designer and open your website. Select new from file menu and then Workflows to create a new workflow.


Give your workflow some name and select the list/library to initiate workflow. Also select when the workflow triggers. I selected on item created and item changed.


In this workflow we will put a condition. Actually I created a field in document library. This is a ‘Yes/No’ field. This workflow will check for the field value and triggers only if it is ‘Yes’.


Select the condition in workflow’s settings page and select the first option to compare list field for condition.


Select field name to MoveFlag from the drop down list.

Set the value to ‘Yes’ for condition. It defines that if MoveFlag value will be equal to Yes then this workflow will trigger.

Now it’s time to set the action statement. Your condition is done, now select Action. Select ‘Copy List Item’ from the drop down list.


Select the source list name in first instance and select destination list name in second instance. I selected the ‘Issued Documents’ library for source list. This statement will look like this.


All done, now just click finish it will process your workflow and associate it with the source list as well.


Now what else, start using the workflow. It’s ready and will work as required. In next post I will explore the programmatic way to create workflows. That would be more interesting I think.