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Issues notification from Health Analyzer – SharePoint 2010

December 3rd, 2009

In my previous post I discussed something about Health analyzer in SharePoint 2010. When health analyzer finds some issues against the pre-defined rules. It shows notifications on the Central Admin screen. This notification bar will look like this. If there is any error then this bar color will be Red, if these are just warnings then it will be yellow.

Red Notification for errors

Errors notification in red bar.

Yellow Notification for warnings

Warnings notification in yellow bar.

When you click on view these issues, it will take you to the health report page. From there you can see the details of each issue and can edit the item as well. If you think that these issues are coming against unnecessary problem. Then you can also change the rule definitions by disabling or removing it from the Health Analyzer list. For this you can read my previous post about Health Analyzer.
There could be unnecessary issue notifications, like I’m running SharePoint 2010 on my hp laptop and it was giving me low disk space error for recovery disk. So I just remove this error from the list.

Health Report

And here you can see the screenshot of the details page when you click on any of the issue. If you think you have fixed the issue, then you can reanalyze it as well to remove this error from this report. 

Review problems and solutions

Here you can also change the severity of the item. It will give you all the details about the issue, server name where this issue occurred. It will also tell you failing service and some description for the item. Now you may like to remove this from rule definition. On this screen you can see the category name and then you can find this rule from the rule definitions list under this category. The interest section is remedy, where it will gives you some idea about the problem and solution for it. Isn’t that amazing thing from Microsoft?

Have fun.

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